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2018 is your year of yes!

Enter a space of tranquility for a moment of reflection into the year of 2017. Remove all distractions for 15 minutes. Take out an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, in a large font, write down the primary goal you established for yourself or for your organization in 2017. Did your primary goal remain constant on your list of goals? How did you feel when you achieved the goal?


To evolve, your primary goal must demand your focus and receive daily attention until it is achieved. The demands of life will require you to reorganize your goals in effort to meet current needs. Sometimes this shift could result in delaying a goal as it moves further down your to-do list. Even in the midst of reorganizing, your primary goal must remain constant as #1 on your list. When considering your goals for growth and development choose the goal that helps you perform at your highest capcity and plug it in as your #1 goal. This year say yes to better performance, communication, confidence and prosperity. Say yes to you and yes to your organization. Commit to your goal:

I will stop __________________

I will start______________________

I will sustain ___________________________through ___________________ for/to _____________________________.

I will embrace____________________________________________ I will enroll in ____________________________________________ I will engage ___________________________________________

I will perform__________________________________

I will invest _________________________________

I will no longer procrastinate ________________________________ because________________________________________ and it is essential for ________________________.

In 2018, ___________choose YES!!! Employees are the greatest asset of an organization. Employees who are equipped with the right tools are high performers. When employees excel in performance, the organization also excels. When an organization invests in the growth and development of employees, the employer is investing in every touchpoint; the employee wins, the organization wins and the customers win.